Is your clutter keeping you stuck in the past?

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People hold onto old clothes and teddies for their sentimental value. (pic:

Are you hanging on to your past? Are old memories stopping you living fully in the present? Take a look around your home and see how many items you’ve got stuffed into wardrobes and drawers that you don’t use and may not even like, but you cling on to them because they have sentimental value.

It’s a common problem: nearly half (45%) of the people surveyed by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) say they hold on to stuff that isn’t useful but they feel too nostalgic about it to throw it away. Two-thirds hang onto old photo frames and photos, 46% keep clothes that don’t fit them any more, 40% are still attached to CDs from their youth, and 30% won’t part with their favourite teddy. There’s even 12% who are reluctant to let go of their lava lamp!

A clearout can do wonders for your mood, however. The BHF – which is encouraging the public to empty their wardrobes and donate items to its stores – says 32% of the people in its survey felt liberated after chucking out their clutter. 

It’s often the case that your outer world reflects your inner one. So if you’re overwhelmed by clutter, it could be that certain feelings are keeping you stuck in the past.

Two final stats from the BHF survey that are of interest: 33% hold onto things that remind them of happier times. But 25% are happy to dump their clutter after a relationship break-up, showing they’re ready to move on.

One thought on “Is your clutter keeping you stuck in the past?

  1. I think tidying our home and selling or giving some of our clothes, gadgets, decorations and furnitures might have an impact on our life. I think cleaning and tidying gives us time for thinking about our life and forgetting about bad things which some things might remind us of. I would recommend to everybody to change home style and wardrobe when we thing it might help us to change our point of view for life.


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