how I work

davanti jung shoe doesn't pinch“The shoe that fits one person pinches another. There is no recipe for living that suits all cases.” Carl Jung

My training as an integrative counsellor and psychotherapist means I don’t have a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to counselling. I work in different ways depending on the issues you bring to therapy. Read more…

I draw on the following approaches:

  • Cognitive (CBT) approaches can help if you’re stuck in negative thought patterns, or if anxiety is preventing you from living your life fully. This feels more like a coaching approach if you have goals you’d like to achieve, or specific issues you’d like to overcome.
  • Psychodynamic approaches can help if you have issues from childhood that you’re trying to resolve, or if negative and unhelpful patterns keep repeating in everyday life. Chances are, your early life experiences may still be playing out today. Therapy can work on deep-set issues to release you from your past.
  • Person-centred/humanistic approaches work with you in the here and now, They focus on strengthening your sense of self and how you interact with others and express yourself in the world. They also help you answer big questions about life and your place in it.
  • Transpersonal approaches help with transformation and expressing your true potential. Tired of showing your ‘happy face’ to the world, and have a vague feeling that there’s something more authentic within? We can explore ways to give expression to that part of you in the world.

To find out how I can accompany you on your journey to walk a freer, more fulfilled life – email or call Karen on 07956 823501.

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